Monday, March 26, 2007

Whee! Wii Wiikend

To buy or not to buy? That was the dilemma I faced. My sister was on her last day in Hong Kong, and though I had told her not to bother, she texted me anyway. "Last chance," she said.

Oh, what the heck, I finally decided. "Buy it!" I texted her back.

And so last week, my brand new Wii arrived.

Coming in at around P18,000 for the base unit, it's P7,000 cheaper than the local equivalent selling at Toy Kingdom. Even after two additional games, an extra controller, and a 220V adaptor, it just barely hit the local selling price. A good buy, I'd like to think.

Setting it up was a breeze, with nary a glance at the manual. There's no mistaking the jacks to their sockets. Nintendo gets top points for user interface design.

For a moment, though, I was befuddled. Just where was I supposed to plug in the controller into the unit again? And then it hit me: I didn't need to. D'oh! Talk about sideswiped in a paradigm shift.

I've held off playing with the Wii until the weekend. The wait served to heighten the anticipation. Would you believe this is the first console I've bought in over five years? I skipped over the Playstation 2, X-Box, GameCube, and X-Box 360.

But the wait has certainly been worthwhile: the Wii is miles and miles ahead of other gaming platforms with its innovative use of wireless motion sensing controls. And even minus the games themselves, I still had fun setting up my Mii avatar and viewing photos from my digital camera memory card. How's that for an entertainment console?

Okay, must catch a few more rounds of boxing. Laterz.


  1. Howdy. 3698-7379-3631-4030. I'm sure you understand. :D

  2. I just don't get gaming, game consoles... Where do people find the time for this? Are there any socially redeeming factors?
    I'm not trying to be a snob. I just don't get it.

  3. Actually, nintendo is trying very hard to capture the "I don't get game consoles" market with the wii, and to a certain extent the DS. Having many people play the wii is fast becoming a party staple here in the US.

    See this this video.

    Anyway, wii tennis is hugely addictive. :-)

  4. Let me help you anonyomous, gaming is just like Movies, Books, Music. It's a form of entertainment. As simple as that. :)

  5. Miguel: D'uh, sorry, I'm not as l33t as I used to be, if I ever was. :-(

    Anonymous: let's see, "socially redeeming factors"...does the fact that I made a lot of my friends through our mutual interest in computer games count?

    And do you mean to say that you have no quirks at all, that all your hobbies and interests are in the "acceptable" mainstream? Poor you.

    Roy: I keep losing at Wii Tennis. I fare better at Wii Boxing.

  6. Thanks, Eric. Next eyeball, I'm bringing my unit. "Wario Ware" should be a blast for everyone.

  7. The number is a wii code. If you exchange these codes, you can send each other messages, and show each other your mii's.

    Which is a socially redeeming factor, I guess, but mostly seems to be email for the wii.

    BTW, have you downloaded their Opera web browser? You can watc youtube videos on your TV. How cool is that, haha.

  8. Roy: oh, thanks. D'oh! That's what I get for not reading the manual.

    Miguel: sorry, haven't set up WiFi yet. But you'll be the first to know.

    Tina: yeah!

  9. You could have asked me Dom and maybe you could have knocked another 1 to 2 k off the base price!

  10. Thanks, Jon! I'll keep that in mind for next time. (Too bad it was just my sister who went, and not me.)

  11. If there's one game you should get for the Wii, it's Zelda: Twilight Princess. Since the Wii is backwards compatible to GCN games, better start looking for cheap games for it, like RE Remake, RE0 and RE4. But you need to purchase a separate controller for it, but you can always get a cheap one from eBay.

  12. So my mom asks: 'What's Dom doing?"

    "He's semi-retired", I opined.

    But after this, Dom's definitely retired. Act likes one.

  13. Hi Dom.

    Congrats on your new wii.

    I tried it and I must say it's more fun compared to playstation and xbox (which I tried once during christmas). To a none-gamer like me, if I had to choose between the three, I'd definitely choose the wii.

    But then again, I'm not really a video game person. No patience. Enjoy.

  14. I don't know where your sis bought the unit but I assume it was in one of those "normal" electronic appliance stores here. That's a good price already but it includes some amount for the warranty, which to you in the Philippines will be useless.

    If you buy the unit in one of those "other" places, the base price is 2,650hk$. If it includes the adaptor and the sports controller (US version) it is around 2850 HK$. (Conversion is roughly 6 pesos per hk$).

  15. Jerome: Yup, based on your recommendation and the game's reviews, it was one of the two games I asked my sis to get. Just finished chapter 1 and it's been a real blast. I'll admit I was a bit put off with the fishing at first, but it's actually quite therepeutic.

    Benz: Of course not. I'm going to become a professional video game player.

    Amee: Wii is definitely friendlier to non-gamers than other platforms I've seen before.

    Jon: I think my sister did manage to haggle for a good price. Took a look at the bill and it came out to HKD2,800 or so. When I do get to shopping in HK again, I'll be sure to look you up.

  16. Alright Dom, it's always good to know you got a good deal. Enjoy your games!