Monday, March 05, 2007

Ubuntu Life

My Ubuntu life is coming along swimmingly, thank you very much; and it's coming from various pleasantly unexpected sources.

Last Saturday, for instance, I had my first meeting with DabaweGNU. What was supposed to have been a simple kapihan turned into a planning session for Software Freedom Day in Davao. And to think that's still in far September.

Leading the agenda was Nathaniel Jayme, and in attendance were Erwin Diansay, Andrew Abogado, Charles PiƱo, Dennis Agulo, Jose Catubigan, Atty. Sam Matunog, and moi. No, I don't mean to make it sound so formal, it was more of a free flowing discussion. (And I added to the chaos by having Nat's kids play on my Ubuntu-based Gameboy emulator.) But things are shaping up, and I'm excited to see what the coming months will bring. (Side note: it's at this meeting that I discovered my new guilty pleasure, Fita Spreadz Spicy Tuna Flavor.)

On another note, I volunteered to help Christer Edwards of Ubuntu Tutorials transfer some of his documents to the Ubuntu community help pages. And -- surprise! surprise! -- this 6'2" redheaded Utah native can speak fluent Bisaya!

It turns out that Chris spent a couple of years in Cebu and Negros Oriental -- ding! another coincidence -- for the Latter Day Saints.

Small world! Or perhaps I should say: small Ubuntu world!

And tomorrow: Manila, for the Philippine Conference on FOSS and e-Governance.


  1. salamat kaayo sa imong tabang kanako. We'll get things organized a bit better soon for the tutorial transfer :)

    thank you for the mention on the blog

  2. i'm thinking of going fully opensource (i've started with some essential programs already) but the idea of not getting the hang of a new unfamiliar OS with my work scares me.

    someone advised a "kuvuntu", haven't heard of it though.

  3. Thanks for featuring the 1st Davao City FOSS Providers' Social Event!

    I downloaded the game and it's quite addicting... he-he.

    What's the title of the game with the mushroom and jumping character? (not the mario bros variant)

  4. nice to know ubuntu is getting more attention these days...davao pa gyud :)

    i'm trying to infect my officemates here to shift to ubuntu :)

  5. I have had a chance to meet u personally before when I was in college and you were very active in IECEP events (seminars, etc.) that was some years ago. And again, we crossed our path in one of the LSG meetings before. Now, you are still into FOSS and is really a consistent advocate. I also have an ubuntu rig, but wala lang ko anang imong emulator :) hehehe where can i get it? Sayang wala ko attend ato inyo meeting. Cge lang sometime, i'll catch up unya pag naa na pud invitation si nats.

  6. Hi, Val! Thanks for keeping in touch. Yeah, this is why I can't ever work for Microsoft -- that would just contradict me.

    As to the emulator, check out my Ubuntu Living blog. Instructions are there.