Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The past few days....

The past few days have just been chock full of FOSS-related goodness and other forms of geekery. As you might already know from previous posts, I came to Manila to attend a conference on FOSS and e-governance. And since my Two Senior Citizens were also in town, I decided to extend my visit to match theirs. Which is all well and good because it's afforded me some time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Pictures probably capture best what happened.

Here's an abbreviated timeline of the past week:

March 6: arrived from Davao; took the same flight as Councillor Peter LaviƱa; checked in to EDSA Shangri-La; met Eloy, Francis, Yolynne, and other guys from IOSN; got reacquainte with Myra; dinner with speakers at Gloria Maris; met Pi, Bobby, and Jess from IPD, Johan from Joomla! development team and Rey from Joomla! local team.

March 7: start of conference; breakfast with Yolynne and Myra, unfortunately forgetting about Francis because of the wide selection of food (sorry, Francis!); babbled a lot during the Q&A portion, questioning government's stance towards FOSS; bought a gamepad from CD-R King to show off my stuff; met Calen, Clair, JM, Dong, Paolo, Zak, Rage Callao, Obet Verzola; PLUG board meeting with Dong, Paolo, JM; FOSS Fiesta in the evening, capturing Zak's duet with Noel Cabangon; met Vladimir "Kaladan" Petkov; late-night drinks with Pi, Bobby, Yolynne, Myra, Kaladan, and Johan at Shangri-La Strip.

March 8: second day of conference; last minute touches to my presentation, revised the previous evening owing to my misunderstanding of audience requirements; more goofing off with the FOSS guys; lots of pictures taken; then my presentation; and more goofing off; goodbyes; late-night drinks at Metro Walk.

March 9:breakfast with Yolynne; goodbyes to the guys (premature, it seems); checked out of EDSA Shangri-La; checked into AIM Conference Center; writing, followed lots of slacking off; watched 300 with Krisette, Herbz, and Kathy; bumped into Veneeth and Von.

March 10: checked out of ACCEED; lunch with Myra, Yolynne, husband Ronald, Bobby, Johan and Kaladan at Market! Market!; shopping and video games; Two Senior Citizens arrived; Heroes musical launch with New Worlds Alliance guys; bumped into Myra, Bobby, Johan and Kaladan.

March 11: slow Sunday with Two Senior Citizens; last-minute rush to purchase P1 tickets at a cybercafe; coffee with Louella and Mirell.

March 12: Joomla! and Ubuntu workshop at UP Diliman; big and heavy lunch at Whamburger with Mario Carreon; second lunch at Mang Jimmy's; more geekery with Joomla! workflow; final goodbyes with Kaladan and Johan (no more bumping into each other in the near term).

March 13: Two Senior Citizens' stuff; sat in Mario's SciFi and Fantasy class.


  1. Looked like an FOSS party-list candidate's schedule to me.:)

    Which leads me to ask: Why doesn't the FOSS think of joining congress via the partylist route? I think it should be high in the agenda.

  2. Hi, Willy! Long time no hear! Hmmm, I guess we're sort of waiting to see what happens with Ang Ladlad. We're an even more marginalized community than the GLBT.


    PS Scheduled for Legazpi in July.

  3. But from where I stand, FOSS is a much less controversial proposition than GLBT. I feel it in my bones that the movement has a lot of upside.

    When you have reached a firm date for your Legazpi gig, kindly let me know. It's only a two-hour drive away. Should be a good time for a meet-up in the flesh.:)

  4. cool. another FOSS advocate. i'm a joomla user for a year now. my first joomla project is was the mindanews site. got FOSS advocate friends in KL.

    just stumbled on your blog. i think we have met in the literary circle in dumaguete but never got introduced. ian is our common friend. :-) i was a sillimanian. nice to find your blog. too bad i didn't get to attend the davao bloggers party. was raining in mintal where i live.

    where are you based by the way?

    can you link me up? i'll add you to my blogroll too if you dont mind.