Friday, March 09, 2007

More Women (Still) Prefer Ubuntu

In case you didn't know it, yesterday was Women's Day. In the spirit of fun, we got the hardcore tech gals together for some group shots. Above is Myra, Clair, Johanna, Diane, and Yolynne. Yes, more women prefer Ubuntu!

Johanna is also an expert in Asterisk. She's done installations in Japan.

Myra works for UP Diliman and she's involved in podcast production. Apart from Ubuntu, she also does Macs.

Yolynne, based out of Zamboanga, is with Ubuntu PH, a volunteer for the International Open Source Network, and is an active organizer for local FOSS activities.

Joomla lead developer Johann Janssens, who flew in for the event, is swamped by the Ubuntu angels.

So, while Microsoft may be able to hire booth babes for events, the real women of IT are over at FOSS.