Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dumaguete, 100 years ago

Peering into a your hometown's long gone past is a mystifying experience. It's alien territory because the landscape you see is entirely different; and then a familiar landmark hits you, transposed to a different time and place. Case in point: Dumaguete's iconic bell tower, ca. 1907.

I got this picture from the Dumaguete chapter of a book entitled A Woman's Journey through the Philippines by Florence Kimball Russel, published in 1907. The link came by way of email from Danah Fortunato.

Yet another picture, this time the beach that is now the Dumaguete Boulevard.

Almost hard to recognize without the boulevard or the buildings, but look just behind it and you'll see a familiar mountain behind it.

What will someone a hundred years from now think of Dumaguete today?