Sunday, March 18, 2007

Davao Blog Party

So here I am, gloating over the Google loot that I brought home from the 1st Davao Blog Party. The shirt I won in the Googleympics Contest, being the first to find the complete list of Archbishops of Davao. The cup I won for being the, er, Most Eccentric Blog. I wonder why.

The details and stories will probably be all over the local blogosphere starting tomorrow so I'll just wait for them to come out. Instead, I'll let the pictures speak for the event:

Suffice to say, in cliché: much fun was had by all.

More photos at on Flickr.


  1. Thanks for posting the photos! I agree, it was fun. I especially liked the informative, relevant presentations. Kudos to the people behind the event! By the way. nice blog!

  2. Most welcome, Ed, and thanks for the compliment. Congratulations on winning the logo design contest.

  3. Hi Dom! Great to see you in events in the most unconventional locations. I hope you can also make it at iBlog3!

  4. Hello!! Wow.. its great to see the photos. nyahaha ill borrow one ha? :P

    thanks for helping us out at the Google-lympics. :) twas fun. hihi

  5. the party really was a lotta fun! and on top of that, i learned a lot of new stuff, too.

    oh and btw, nice shirt you got there, google..
    much coveted, indeed..buti pa kayo..huhuhu...

    thnx lots for posting the pics. :-)

  6. Thanks, Janette, Kat and Tina. Great to have met you, too!

    Actually, the shirt is size M, three sizes too small for me so if any of you want to trade for the Google puzzle, I'm all for it.

    Hmmm, isn't anyone wondering what Blogie is doing in that last picture there? Channeling the AdSense gods, perhaps. =)

  7. Wow!Akin na lng yung google shirt. Hehe.

    ANyways nice to see you guys enjoyed your blog meet, cguradong madami akong mapupuntahng blogs blogging about this

  8. cool blog, nakita ko ito through tina . congrats sa mga napanalunan mo.

  9. I've lost my tongue that night. It's a miracle. hehe. I'll borrow some photos too. Can I? :)

  10. Sad story about the Google shirt. I didn't separate the coloreds from the whites. 'Nuff said.

    Thanks all for visiting.

    Bam: knock yourself out, just would like to request photo creds.