Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ubuntu Living

If it looks like I haven't been blogging daily as I resolved I would, it's not that I'm welshing from my own commitment. I've actually been occupied on another blog, put together over the course of the weekend.


Why the new blog? I've been working with Ubuntu for the past three years and I just realized I have quite a number of things to share about it. If nothing else, at least it'll be a record of how I'm using Ubuntu so I have something to jog my memory when I forget how I did something.

Ubuntu Living is also another exercise in template design. I'm still no great shakes when it comes to layout art, but I think I'm slowly getting better. It helped the design process a lot that I just borrowed the Ubuntu colors.

Ubuntu Living's template is simpler than the template I'm using for this blog. I didn't use as many color and font variables as I realized I didn't actually need that much flexibility. But I've also experimented with fiddling with the widgets themselves. A real eye-test, that.

Something new I discovered: Javascript code to simulate Wordpress's sociable plug-in.

It was a bit of a blitz putting together Ubuntu Living. Over the weekend, while waiting to run some errands or driving my Mom and my aunt out, I've written 13 blog posts relating to Ubuntu. In between, I've also been tweaking the template. Still, the whole process just had me engrossed. I also thought I needed to put in some critical mass of content while I was still consumed with zeal.

My target for this site is around a hundred Ubuntu-related tips. Hmmm, looks like my nights will be busy on the computer.


  1. hello! i found your blog via jim haw's. i've included you in my blogroll over at The DavaoeƱos ( i hope you can give me a link-back as well. :)

    interesting read, your blog.

  2. oh btw, i have an IT column called I.T. Talks! i've made it into a blog @ i'm coming from a non-technical point of view, though. pls come visit when you have the time.

  3. Done! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Just to let you know, the javascript you mentioi was updated to 2.0

  5. what a great idea to put up an ubuntu page. i installed version 5 last year had it up and running until i found out i couldn't run the thing to connect to the internet.

    i also received a copy last year of ubuntu latest software version 6 i think. i haven't installed it yet. so maybe when you have time to put up a ubuntu tips page would certainly help a newbie like me. thanks!