Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top 25 Sci-Fi shows

The top 25 sci-fi shows, according to There's a great concentration of the more recent programs, considering the nature of the site itself, but several oldies like Twilight Zone still made the cut.

Not all of them are technically science fiction (at least not in my book), and sadly, many of them got cancelled after only a short run. Still, it may be worthwhile tracking down an episode or two when there's nothing good on local TV.

1. Supernatural
2. Battlestar Galactica (2003)
3. Charmed
4. Stargate SG-1
5. Stargate Atlantis
6. Special Unit 2
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8. The X-Files
9. The 4400
10. Kyle XY
11. Star Trek: Voyager
12. Doctor Who (2005)
13. The Lost Room
14. Eureka
15. Firefly
16. Invasion
17. Torchwood
18. Surface
19. Threshold
20. Star Trek: Enterprise
21. Star Trek
22. Jake 2.0
23. Star Trek: The Next Generation
24. Blade
25. The Twilight Zone


  1. Wow! Is supernatural that good? I haven't seen an episode. No smallville, Andromeda, Angel there? But I'm amused Twilight Zone is there. Very nostalgic

  2. Hi, Ferdz: caught a couple of episodes of Supernatural on TV and I found it okay. A bit like "The Night Stalker" of the old days.

    There's a local Supernaturals fan club, by the way. They're part of the New Worlds alliance.

    If you want to meet up with other local scifi geeks for a round of movies and TV, you can visit for the next scheduled thon.

  3. From the list, I have watched the following : Supernatural (currently), ff: in the past ... Stargate SG-1, X-Files, Invasion, Surface, Jake 2.0 (cancelled/darn - Jake was a cutie).\

    Add in Smallville for me too. :-)

  4. X-Files was a great one, though I didn't start watching until around 1997 when a friend introduced me to it. I remember the first episode I ever saw: "El Mundo Gira".

    For me, the best episodes were those that focused strictly on the cases, as opposed to delving into storylines of the main characters. No offense to Fox and Dana, mind you...but it was quite interesting to see how far Chris Carter's imagination could go.

    Ever seen the episode, "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"? Has to be one of the strangest and most entertaining episodes of the X-Files :)

    In all honestly, though, I only really watched for two seasons and didn't keep up with the show much after the movie came out in 1998 (good though it was). Guess I don't qualify as a die-hard fan.

  5. By the way, just for fun, here is a link to the opening for "Jose Chung's From Outer Space".

  6. Hi, Corey: yeah, the individual episodes were way better than the canon episodes. X-Files fizzled out late in its life because the plot became too unwieldy.

  7. My personal favorite was "Clyde Bruckman", guest starring the late Peter Boyle.

  8. Mine was Tooms (2 eps about him)...
    X-Files died for me when Mulder went away. ;-)

  9. Hello Dominique,

    That title, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose", sounds very familiar. I'm quite sure I saw that one, since I did catch quite a few older episodes (i.e. prior to the 1996-1997 season) through syndication and videos.

    I would agree that X-Files without Mulder would just not be the same.

  10. ayee! pareho tayo! i love heroes. nanonood din ako ng battlestar galactica (reimagined). gusto ko siya kahit may pagkasoap opera in space ang ibang episodes at minsan ay walang kaconti-continuity ang mga istorya at madalas magdrama ang mga characters. stargate, mas preferred ko yung original (with mcgyver, my childhood hero hehe). may firefly ba doon ni j wheydon? nakakaaliw din ang show na yun, nasibak nga lang din after one season. "4400" din, maganda