Monday, February 05, 2007

My very own space program

I already have my very own military industrial complex,, so what's next? A space program, of course!

From the catalogs, I knew that 4D Master had a model of the space shuttle piggybacking on a modified Boeing 747. But all my visits to Toy Kingdom yielded nothing. Until last Wednesday.

You cannot believe the tears of joy that I shed.

Well, okay, I didn't really cry. I was smiling ear-to-ear, but no tears, really. I was going to buy a Harrier jump jet, but I had to get this combo before it disappeared.

The scale is significantly less than the military jets but the level of detail is still excellent. The kit gives you the option to have the wheels on both the shuttle and the Boeing 747 up or down. The cargo doors on the shuttle also open and close. Just too bad there's no arm, though.

As always, I'm very happy with the way the parts fit. Very good workmanship.

Now I can recreate the opening scene from Moonraker.


  1. Hahahaha... Moonraker...

    - Hoovenson

  2. No to mention the Superman Returns scene that had the now married Lois Lane being saved by the hero she wrote the world no longer needs.

    And yes, I saw both over the weekend, including that Moonraker Divx copy my brother downloaded from the internet.

  3. Ha ha, thanks, Willy, I almost forgot about "Superman Returns."