Monday, February 26, 2007

Mobile blogging and other things

So here I am at the Mactan International Airport, waiting for my flight back to Davao. I'm writing this post on my Thinkpad R50e from my cellphone's GPRS connection. Now ain't that cool?

It's a bit of a novelty to me as I've only recently got it running. Major roadblock: getting my USB Bluetooth dongle from Dumaguete because I was too cheap to get another one. A minor challenge actually getting it working with my Nokia 6233, but thanks to some expert help from Zak I finally got the computer and the phone talking.

I'll get into the nitty gritty details of getting a GPRS connection running with Ubuntu later on at my other blog, Ubuntu Living. Suffice to say for now that it's working like a charm, and pretty speedy, too, when I'm on a 3G connection.

Incidentally, Ubuntu Living has been picking up on traffic the past few days. From a daily average of 15 visits per day, I'm all set to hit 90 today. Not bad, considering the blog is less than a month old and that I haven't been promoting it at all.

On the social scene, I had a blogger's eyeball with Jute of yesterday at Ayala Center. Jute and I have known each other via our online personas for two years now. Surprisingly, it wasn't through blogging that we met but through the Elfwood fantasy art gallery.

With not much else to do this morning, I played tourist, taking shots of the Cebu Cathedral and the Basilica de Sto. Nino. I'll post those on my Flickr account later. Then I met my friend Karl over at the PhilNITS office. Then I whiled away the rest of the time at SM.

It'll be good to get back home.

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