Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ink Media computer

Not quite MIT's OLPC, but it almost looks like it. This is the sub-$300 laptop from Ink-Media, a Canadian company.

The OLPC inspiration is quite obvious. From their website:

The INK computer has no moving parts and contains no hard disk to overheat or wear out. It has excellent performance and a mid-level class CPU, capable of operating virtually any form of media (flash or video) and it is fully internet capable. The technology operates with USB devices and connects seamlessly to servers and networks.


Freescale i.MX31 Processor
Supports 1024 X 768 True Color Video Output
(RGB and LCD) Plus mpeg 2 hardware decoder
5 USB 2.0 ports on an NEC upd7210101 usb 2.0 host controller, 2 SD slots
256 MB Ram
512 MB NAND Flash, containing a 1.4 GB file system (compressed)
128 MB Flash stick / mp3 player (external)
1 - Stereo minipin audio out, stereo minipin line in, stereo minipin mic in
1 - RGB out (monitor out, not TV out)
10/100 Ethernet jack, USB Wi-Fi
110-220 Volt input power supply
5-8 Hours of battery life
8.9" Diagonal widescreen format display (16:9)
Supporting 1024 X 600 True Color

You probably won't find it accompanying the overpriced frappucino-sipping crowd, but if it makes its way into the hands of kids, then it'll have done its job.