Friday, February 09, 2007

Globe complaints

Over in Naga, Willy Priles, Jr. filed his complaint against Globe Telecommunications at his local National Telecommunications Office. The reason: prepaid load shaving. Not an easy thing to do because, for all its claims of modernity, the NTC has very poor processes for handling issues like this.

Will blogging make a difference, Willy asks. Well, perhaps if enough bloggers complain, it might. So take this as my contribution into the fray.

A Manila Times story reported that only 30 complaints were filed to NTC last year.

...Danilo O. Cuenca, head of the NTC’s One-Stop Public Assistance Center (OSPAC) and the Domestic and International Carrier Services Division, said in an interview that only 30 complaints have been filed with the NTC as of end 2006.

“The complaints are mostly filed through telephone and e-mail,” he said.

Cuenca said that text spam, vanishing load and cell-phone theft are the most common complaints.

Marry Ann Solis, a secretary working in Makati, said filing a complaint is no joke. “It’s hard to file a complaint because you have to go to the office of your operator or NTC and do so much paperwork,” she explained.

Telco companies can get away with stuff like this because to the ordinary consumer, it's just a few pesos lost. It's not really worth the trouble filing a complaint for. Or is it? But multiply this by several million subscribers, and what do you get?

More importantly, how much do the telco companies get?


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  2. hi dom,


    had some nagging thoughts about chikka as well. everytime I get duped in replying to what I thought is a friends regular number, which turns out to be a chicka pe-fixed number where a reply would cost you VAS credits. it still boggles the mind why they can't simply put a tag on the message so the receiver could outright identify that its from chikka.

    oh well, people are so strange, almost everybody is deranged.



  3. Hi, Nox: Chikka is simply annoying! I almost never answer messages from Chikka. If someone really wants to text me, I them to spend for it, too.