Sunday, February 18, 2007

Facebox and Intrusive Social Networking

Do I really need to be part of another social network? My friends seem to think so, judging by the occasional invites coming into my mailbox. The latest invader: Facebox.

While I'm perfectly happy to let invites of this sort sit and rot in my mailbox, this time I did get suckered into clicking the link. What the heck? I said. I decided to continue with the registration.

When I got to Step 3, I was annoyed to no end.

Hello? You want to access my addressbook? So you can spam all my other friends? Uh, thanks but no thanks.

This is not just social networking anymore, it's intrusive social networking. In the guise of making it "easier" for you to import your addressbook, Facebox wants to send invites to all of your friends, too.

And that's just plain annoying.

At this point, I don't know exactly what sort of networking site Facebox is. I have an inkling, though. When you start talking about "clans" (groups, in Facebox-speak), I can already tell that it's not a network that I want to send an invite to my business contacts to.

To make matters worse, the interface is designed so that an unsuspecting user has no choice but to make that email link. Look at the layout. There's nothing there that explicitly says, "Skip this step." Instead, way out on the side in fine print is the not-so-obvious offer to add your friends manually. It actually took me several seconds to decide that this was the "skip" link that I wanted.

Facebox, you are e-eevil!

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  1. haha, everything's relative, i guess. i imagine some people would be grateful for that "convenience."

    i don't have facebook nor do i intend to get one, but judging from similar experience wouldn't the next page let you select from among your friends who you'd want to send invites to? in the end, it's still your choice, after all.