Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eyeball with Wyzemoro

Today I finally met the famous Jun Macarambon, a.k.a., Wyzemoro. We corresponded a bit a couple of years back. Then I learned last year that he had moved to Davao for his studies. I promised to meet up with him but I got waylaid by the hectic events of the past month.

I got reminded of my promise after visiting the DavaoeƱos blog and seeing Jun's name mentioned there.

We met at Street Cafe, a cozy and posh little coffee shop behind Ateneo. It was the most distinguishable landmark. First time there, too, so it was a good thing.

And finally, Jun himself. As always, it's good to be able to place a face to the blog nick.

I gave him one of my few remaining Tux t-shirts. We talked about SEO, Wordpress, the blogging scene in Davao, and a host of other things that bloggers talk about. Not exactly a Blog Parteeh! but I prefer quiet meetings anyway. We couldn't talk too long, though, as he had classes and I had errands to run.

It looks like there'll be a bigger eyeball of techs in Davao over the coming weeks.

There you go: blogging bringing people together.


  1. hi there! hey, i like that, "blogging, bringing people together." sounds rather overused, but it does ring true. :)
    let's meet up soon ok? marc javellana suggested that we get together even before the blog party.

  2. Sure thing, just let me know when and where.

  3. naks! im not famous. i'm still a nobody and unknown. nice meeting you! maybe someday we can talk more long. share more information. i'm glad and happy to meet you in face.

    thanks for the tshirt! i just use it today. i got myself pic. ewan ko pde i post dto. maybe i'll start a photo blog. hehe.