Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eyeball with Wyzemoro

Today I finally met the famous Jun Macarambon, a.k.a., Wyzemoro. We corresponded a bit a couple of years back. Then I learned last year that he had moved to Davao for his studies. I promised to meet up with him but I got waylaid by the hectic events of the past month.

I got reminded of my promise after visiting the DavaoeƱos blog and seeing Jun's name mentioned there.

We met at Street Cafe, a cozy and posh little coffee shop behind Ateneo. It was the most distinguishable landmark. First time there, too, so it was a good thing.

And finally, Jun himself. As always, it's good to be able to place a face to the blog nick.

I gave him one of my few remaining Tux t-shirts. We talked about SEO, Wordpress, the blogging scene in Davao, and a host of other things that bloggers talk about. Not exactly a Blog Parteeh! but I prefer quiet meetings anyway. We couldn't talk too long, though, as he had classes and I had errands to run.

It looks like there'll be a bigger eyeball of techs in Davao over the coming weeks.

There you go: blogging bringing people together.