Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blogger Eyeball: Davao City

Well, it's finally happened: my first get-together with other Davao City-based bloggers. I thought I'd have to wait till March 17 -- a very long wait -- as that was the original plan. I suppose the other guys didn't want to wait too long, either.

Wyzemoro kindly informed me of the eyeball early this morning. It was happening at the 51 Coffee Shop in Victoria Plaza. Blogie called it with the intent of planning for the bigger March 17 bash. Was I interested? Of course I was!

As always, it's gratifying to finally place a face to a blog address. (How long ago was it when the in thing was IRC nicks?) And it was also a pleasant surprise to realize that an old friend was also a blogger.

Blogroll tonight:

Jim Haw, a.k.a., Dr. "Haws"

Not a whole lot of planning actually got done, but at least there's some vague idea of what's happening on the Big Bash on March 17. Or maybe it won't be March 17. Whatever. The point is: we had fun.

Yes, there are pictures, but silly me, I forgot to bring my card reader with me. Tomorrow.

In the meantime, placeholder picture is


  1. COngrats! To you pre-eyeball eyeball :P

    Iba talaga ang pinagtatagpo ng blog. It must have been great to meet an old friend unexpectedly ano?

  2. Hi Dom, nice to have finally met you at the EB, see you at the succeeding EB's leading up to the big one :D