Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Twilight Jedi", a Filipino Star Wars fan film

And now, courtesy of Youtube: "Twilight Jedi", a fan film from Star Wars Philippines.

Set some ten years after "Revenge of the Sith," "Twilight Jedi" tells of a brief footnote in the Star Wars universe. Jedi Master Shard Khali, now leader of a resistance group against the empire, attempts to enlist the aid of another Jedi master, Oniron Kurrian.

While this little encounter has little impact on the main storyline, it does give some perspective on the internal conflicts that faced the surviving Jedi.

"Twilight Jedi" is a quiet piece, revolving around a conversation between two people. The acting and cinematography, while not stellar, are adequate and unaffected. There's just enough to move the story forward without either getting in the way.

What carries this short film is the script. It knows what it wants to say. It builds up the tension just so, until it reaches the boiling point when things simmer, and then explode. The end is a bit melodramatic, but it does leave the viewer thinking about the plight of remaining Jedi.

To top if off, there are several nods to Star Wars tradition. It can't be a Star Wars film unless someone says: "I have a bad feeling about this."

This being Star Wars, it ends with an action sequence, a lightsaber duel between the two protagonists. Again, nothing too elaborate, just enough to get the job done. The sequence makes use of cinematic cuts and other storytelling tricks to build up the tension. For a fan film, it's actually pretty good.

Deserving of kudos are the special effects involved in the lightsaber fight. They painstakingly rotoscoped the lightsabers to get an effect that's close enough to provoke suspension of disbelief. Not only that, the crew also took care of the sound effects, and that positively added to the experience.

Finally, there are the other special effects involving TIE fighters and a guest appearance by The Executor. While not essential to the film, their presence nevertheless contributed to the mood.


  1. it was a good effort. with more resources, i think they can do a decent short.

  2. Interesting review, and thanks for taking note of what we intended to highlight, despite the occasional flaws.

    A sequel is coming up soon.

    And for the record, the ship in the end "looks" like the Executor, but isn't. A tad Lucasian revisionist, but...haha.

    Thanks for your insights!

    director/producer/fx guy, "Twilight Jedi"

  3. Hi, Aids,

    Despite its lack of budget, the film was obviously a labor of love. Looking forward to the sequel!

    Not the Executor? Ah, well, chalk it up to the slightly dodgy quality of the transfer to Youtube.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.