Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Silicone rubber molding and resin casting

Today I joined a silicone rubber molding and resin casting workshop. My very first output, in all its manly hues, is pictured on the left. If you have to ask, yes, I'm very proud of it.

I've been wanting to join a class like this for some time. Davao is one of the few places where they offer it, and at very reasonable rates, too.

The outfit that offers this class is the Pangkabuhayan Seminar Center. Apart from figurine making, they also offer T-shirt printing, baking, beadmaking, breadmaking, candlemaking, catering, cosmetology, and many many others. The fellow who runs this shop, Gil Sagulili, is a very affable gent; and he just happens to be my instructor for the class, too.

Not only do they teach you how the craft, they also tell you where to buy the materials and instruct you on the cost estimates and pricing.

Three types of molding and casting taught in the class: flat mold, one-piece molds (hollow and solid), and two-piece molding. Tomorrow, we move on to painting.

So why, you ask, am I taking up something like this?

Action figures, of course.


  1. Looks like you hit the crafting jackpot. I would love to go on a class like that, and I'd probably take all the courses too.

    Painting is fun! I tried a kit where you painted the plaster-cast. After I was done, it looked really nice.

  2. Hi, Marianne! Thanks for visiting.

    Just finished the class today, and my frame looked horrendous. I cannot do paints.

    My antique-finish casts were significantly better, though.

  3. Care to share some of the suppliers mentioned during the seminar, particularly where they purchase their casting resin and of what type.

    Some of the resins available use MEK (methyl Ethyl Ketone) as accelerators. This is nasty stuff and should only used with respirators and a well ventilated room.

  4. I am from Myanmar ,I am very interested in rubber molding . I have found a lot of CD,DVD course but my country is out of reach of shopping online . Could you please share me your experience or info available online . Thanking you in inticipation .

  5. greetings!

    i am lyndon gregorio, creator of beerkada. i just read your entry about resin. i am interested in doing designer toys.

    can you give me leads on how to make resin casts? and how is your action figure progressing?

    please email me at thanks!


  6. hello po. maganda po yung gawa mo. pwede po bang malaman kung san po sa davao pwede makabili ng silicone rubber? may paggagamitan po kasi sana ako.:)