Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One froggy evening

We came home tonight to find a huge toad sitting in our puppies' food bowl. It was a huge toad, about two fistful's worth.

Dad brought out a broom and dust pan, and we all escorted it out into the street. I couldn't quite resist, and I just had to take a couple of shots. My sister provided lighting via a flashlight.

Somehow, the Michigan Rag came to mind. What? You don't know the Michigan Rag? Of course you do.

Hello, my baby / hello, my honey / hello, my ragtime gal. / Send me a kiss by wire / baby, my hearts on fire / if you refuse me / honey, you'll lose me / then you'll be left alone / Oh baby, telephone and tell me I'm your own.

See? Now you remember.

So anyway, the frog was out on the street and my sister and I were heading back to our yard. The silly frog starts heading back to the house as well! We tried scaring it back to the other side of the street...

...and a passing car ran over it.

Oh, well.

In the distance, I could hear the refrain:

Everybody do the Michigan Rag / everybody likes the Michigan Rag / every Mame and Jane and Ruth / from Weehawken to Duluth / slide, ride, glide the Michigan / stomp, romp, pomp the Michigan / jump, clump, pump the Michigan Rag / that lovin' rag


  1. Oh good grief! :(

    Maybe that's the reason why it wanted to go back in? It knew of it's eventual fate and wanted to escape it?

  2. It was...destiny. Mwa ha ha ha!

  3. Argh. The story was doing well enough until the car came over. A flattened amphibian is one of the saddest sights that can ever be seen on this Earth.

    I do have this link to the cartoon, though...

  4. Kawawa naman... anyway...that's life... i collect frogs but not the live ones. The figurines and other stuff, that is. I still consider Kermit the Frog the king of them all...

  5. Do u have the pic on the lasT scene? :D curious talaga akow.