Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One froggy evening

We came home tonight to find a huge toad sitting in our puppies' food bowl. It was a huge toad, about two fistful's worth.

Dad brought out a broom and dust pan, and we all escorted it out into the street. I couldn't quite resist, and I just had to take a couple of shots. My sister provided lighting via a flashlight.

Somehow, the Michigan Rag came to mind. What? You don't know the Michigan Rag? Of course you do.

Hello, my baby / hello, my honey / hello, my ragtime gal. / Send me a kiss by wire / baby, my hearts on fire / if you refuse me / honey, you'll lose me / then you'll be left alone / Oh baby, telephone and tell me I'm your own.

See? Now you remember.

So anyway, the frog was out on the street and my sister and I were heading back to our yard. The silly frog starts heading back to the house as well! We tried scaring it back to the other side of the street...

...and a passing car ran over it.

Oh, well.

In the distance, I could hear the refrain:

Everybody do the Michigan Rag / everybody likes the Michigan Rag / every Mame and Jane and Ruth / from Weehawken to Duluth / slide, ride, glide the Michigan / stomp, romp, pomp the Michigan / jump, clump, pump the Michigan Rag / that lovin' rag