Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mutant Skeleton

At some point, I really will have to stop buying toys. For the moment, though, I can't help it. Every visit to an SM Mall draws me to Toy Kingdom like a moth to a flame; and on some occasions, I am actually compelled to buy something.

My purchases this Sunday: a Mig-29 Fulcrum and a 1/12th scale human skeleton model, both from 4D Master.

Now these toys, while falling under the "educational" category, are actually pretty nifty. They're fun to assemble, moreso without the aid of a manual. Once completed, they're display-ready, too.

The Mig-29 was nice enough, and worthy of a few imaginary flights (complete with whooshing sound effects); but it was the skeleton that had me, well, puzzled. Look at the picture closely.

I bought the skeleton because I thought it would make a good artist's reference. It's anatomically correct and evenly proportioned. And, darn it, it just looks cool.

Buff intellectual that I am, I eschewed the manual in putting the skeleton together. With my X-rays and MRI scans still fresh in memory, I knew enough of skeletal anatomy to know which bone connected to which. And what do you know, I managed to put the thing together in under 10 minutes.

Until I got to the legs.

Fresh out of the box, I thought something was odd with my skeleton's legs. Assembly confirmed my suspicions as I put the bones together. The left femur fit in like it was supposed to, but the right femur...well, there was no right femur.

My skeleton had two left feet.

I guess this skeleton is just right for me, because I can't dance worth a d*mn. I just had to appreciate the aptness of the metaphor.

Then again, I'll probably go back to Toy Kingdom and have this traded for something else. And maybe pick up something new, too.

At some point, I will have to stop buying toys. I'll do that when I'm 80.

Or not.


  1. of all the toys I would expect you to buy...a skeleton is not one of them.... I still can't believe you actually have a valid use for it!!!!!!

  2. Ha ha! At the very least, it's great for creeping out little girls. But really, it's good reference for drawing the human figure, just to get the proportions right.

    Hmmm...I think I'm inspired to write more skeleton posts.

  3. HAhahahaha! Of all pips I know, u bought that left footed skeleton. :D Well it was put into good use...for blogging.