Thursday, January 04, 2007

More on the $1.50 Manga Pile

I spoke with my friend from National Bookstore. It seems they still have a couple more batches of the Tokyopop manga.

Please post in the comments below which branches you'd like to see these manga shipped to. I'll pass the info on to her.

Some interesting titles I've picked up:

* Planetes (of course)
* Cowboy Bebop
* Doll

And plenty more that I've seen:

* Initial D
* Getbackers
* Cyborg 009
* Lupin III
* Gundam Wing
* Ragnarok


  1. Jeezz that price is good. Lupin and Cowboy Bebop are good buys. Initial D, not so hot, depending on the series. I think they're much better being watched than read.

  2. Cebu! ^.^ Whichever National Bookstore branch but SM would be preferable or Ayala. Mango would be ok too, but not Gaisano Countrymall because god help me I never could find that place.

  3. What?? $1.50?? How about shipping to the Greenbelt or Alabang branch? I've been hunting for Planetes ever since I saw the anime. I only ever saw fruits basket (one volume) in the Makati, alabang, and greenbelt area.

  4. hi! do you know where national bookstore get these mangas. And please do tell your friend from national bookstore to ship more as in more to Market market branch especially the Lamentof the Lamb volumes

  5. The price for the G-Mall National Bookstore mangas/mahwas are only 65 btw. Bay, can you tell your source if they have stocks of Snow Drop Manhwas, volumes 4 to 12? I'm planning to complete the whole series. The big problem is that most copies are redundant.

    Davao really has some weird finds... Even anime in the form of pirated DVDs surpass the prices of most animes in MM.

    My cellular phone is 09194560411.

    And, do you know a certain Cimafranca working for MMK?