Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jolly Roger

A little drawing fun, inspired by Madame Chiang's comment on a previous post.

I drew this mostly from memory, so understandably there's a lack of accurate detail. Also, my drawing hand is rusty.

I've always found skeletons to be good fun to draw. Posed in any number of zany positions, my bony ghouls usually come out kooky and not menacing.

An old incident from childhood: my sister and I used to draw on the walls of our old house. We draw a lot. One time, I drew a skeleton and I made my sister cry when I told her it would come alive later that night. Yes, I am such a meanie.

The other reason you're seeing this now is that, at long last, I got my old Plustek scanner working with Linux. The wonderful folks of the SANE project have finally come up with a working back-end for it.

News like that, I could dance, too.

(Oh, and I got my model skeleton's leg changed at the toy shop.)