Friday, January 12, 2007

High School Batch Web Site

One of the recent projects that I've attacked with much gusto was our high school batch web site. If you want to know what I looked like so many years ago, you now know where to look.

It was an idea that came out of our 20th anniversary reunion last December. (Yes, folks, I am 20 years out of high school.) Over the years, many of us have drifted apart, and so our little gathering was an opportunity to rekindle those relationships.

What was obviously needed was a directory of sorts. Unfortunately, the general idea behind this was for everyone to write down their cellphone numbers in a notebook. I had to be the one to suggest getting everyone's email addresses, too; and out of that, I volunteered to put together a wiki.

Using PmWiki, I managed to put the site together over the weekend. I spent two more nights uploading a ton of pictures that my friend Jameson had scanned. And, ta-dah! instant web site.

So far, the wiki has been a moderate success. People have started logging in and updating their own contact information. It still needs a bit more publicity and coaxing to get people online, but I'm pretty sure we'll actually have a fairly complete list in a couple of months.

Arguably, the more successful section has been the photo gallery. Thanks to my classmates' collections, I had scads and scads of pictures to put up. These were hundreds of pictures from high school, back when we were young and stupid and dressed funny.

Ye cats! were we ever so young?

And now I look at the reunion photos. There we are: old, fat, and respectable. In boring clothes. How did we get this way?

Look at the pictures yourself, and have a good laugh. Bonus points for spotting me in the photos.


  1. Great project Dom. Chancing upon this entry reinforced our idea (my own HS batch) to build a site for us aside from maintaining our Yahoo group. I'm the one coordinating our efforts to have a batch reunion in May 2009. And since the organizing committee already knows my 'talents', I was appointed to lead the web site project to keep track of the batch and launch school projects.

    So PmWiki looks like one of the great apps, doesn't it?

    And hey, you're two years younger than me, I'm proud (that I'm not that old yet. :-D ).

    I tried to rummage the picturesets in your HS site but from several boy pictures that looked like yours, I could not tell which one was yours really. You didn't wear eyeglasses then, did you?

  2. Hi, Dong: thanks. PmWiki has been great for this project. I've actually had people come in and update their own info.

    On the other hand, the critical part of a project like this is to get enough material for people to want to participate. Since this is also an older demographic, not very tech-savvy, it becomes all the more important.

    Drop me a note if you need a PmWiki setup.