Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Gigantic $1.50 Manga Pile

Dear Jute:

You asked me earlier where you could buy manga. I thought I'd show you my source.

Yes, each copy is only P75.

I'm sorry to hear you don't have similar facilities in Cebu. Then again, maybe I'm not. More for me. Mwa ha ha ha!

Seriously, now: they just unloaded another container, apparently. The pile, much diminished over the holidays, has now been replenished.

Best of all, I finally completed all five volumes of Planetes!

Let me know if you're looking for any title in particular and I'll try to find it. You can get a reasonably complete catalog at the TokyoPop web site.


  1. wow,thats a lot of manga..

    gaisano as in gaisano davao?
    dont they have this in manila?

  2. Hi, Joe: yup, that's the National Bookstore branch in Gaisano Mall in Davao.

    For some reason, shipment of the remainders (that is, marked down books) is uneven. The cheap manga were selling during the book fair. I only saw a few sold in other branches. Again, mileage varies greatly.

    Serendipity to have come home to Davao to a large shipment sent here.

  3. You're so hurtful! -_-

    Well anyway, my internet has been acting pretty retarded lately. That's why I couldn't check your blog sooner. Hmm, what title? Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa but I don't know if it's by TokyoPop though. It only has 5 volumes and I've read the online version of it already, but it's a good story and not that long, too.

    By the way, I decided to download Planetes because your post got me curious. At first glance, I don't like the art very much. I guess it's because I got used to Ai Yazawa's angular characters that the rounded characters of Planetes look a bit goofy to me. But I'm giving this a chance. Just waiting for the rest to finish downloading so I can inhale them all in one go. ^.^

  4. Oh my God there here again!!!!

  5. Considering this post is over five years old, I would suppose so.