Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Burning ISO files in Windows XP

Yes, this is another Windows rant. I can't help it. Windows is just so schtufid!

As I write this, I am doing remote tech support for a friend in New York. He downloaded an ISO file and wants to burn it to CD. And -- gasp! -- he's using Windows XP.

One would have thought that something so simple as this would be intuitive on an OS that touts itself on usability. Double click on the ISO file, and either expand it or open a CD burning dialog. Or right click it and see a CD writing option.

But, oh no-oooo...something as basic as this just HAS to be turned into a little adventure.

According to a Microsoft article ironically named CD Burning Becomes Routine in Windows XP:

The integrated CD burning capabilities in Windows XP do not perform every task the third–party applications do, only the most commonly needed ones. There are still certain tasks such as full CD duplication for bootable CDs and creating CDs from images (such as an .ISO file) that will require a third–party tool. I know I'll be installing my favorite tool, but I'm also finding it delightfully refreshing to use the integrated CD recording for most of my recording tasks.

That is just so schtufid!

So now we have to run off and get a third-party utility, as listed in a page like How to Write ISO Files to CD in Windows XP For what it's worth, Alex Feinman's ISOrecorder did the trick.

But still: Windows is schtufid!


  1. www.apple.com

    Everyone walks towards the light, sooner or later...

  2. "Whatever you do, keep away from the light."

  3. At least you can still pray about it...:D Ahhh if WinXP didn't have the USB PlugNPlay capability I'd still be on Win98se.

    What if Win98se has that abiliity will it make things better for us?

    But WinXP works fine for now, Vista anyone? But mind you ISO writing could be better in Vista. Is it?

  4. Eh, what for? Linux already works fine for me.