Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blogging hiccup

It was my resolution earlier on to write a blog post every day, no matter how short. Unfortunately, the first month of the year isn't over yet and already that plan has hit a little hiccup. And that's partly my fault, too.

Two days ago I arrived in Manila for the CPRsouth conference. I was thrilled that I'd be staying at ACCEED, which has free Internet access to the rooms. But for some strange reason, I couldn't get into my Blogger account!

It turns out that I had forgotten to set the proxy of my Firefox browser to include SSL requests. Silly me. I was thinking that there was a problem with the Blogger servers, or that the network was blocking access. Well, it turns out that second conjecture was partly correct.

Internet access isn't all that fast, but it's tolerable. I just find it not a little strange and annoying that in this day and age a hotel should still demand its guests go through a proxy server.

A Microsoft proxy server, at that!


  1. blog post everyday? i really wish you well with that. i'm a very pasaway blogger myself, sometimes not posting for weeks at a time. i know it's not easy.
    but it appears that so far only technical glitches are stopping you, so you're in good shape!

  2. Ha, ha, thanks Rina. I think I can get away with it if I just say 30 posts a month. But I think one post a day is the way to go.