Thursday, January 25, 2007

Aubrey Miles to play Wonder Woman?

I don't know if this is a joke, but it's in the Wikipedia.

Stumbled upon this little tidbit while doing a bit of surfing on The Amazing Race Asia. (Mardy and Marsio were eliminated this week *sniff!* Not wholly unexpected, but they've come farther than anyone expected them to.) Didn't realize that Aubrey Miles had an entry on the Wikipedia, so off to click we go.

Half of the article talks about the dismal performance of her movies on the local box office.
Xerex flopped in the box-office making only P13.3 million on a budget of P24 million. Even with home videos accounted for, Regal lost a total of P18.1 million with Xerex. Since Xerex, Miles' movie career and ability to attract moviegoers got damaged and never recovered.

Her next movie, Sanib, further damaged her acting career as it grossed only 8.2 million PhP in the box office despite its P25 million budget and massive marketing by Regal Films.

But here's the kicker:

Very recently, movie scouts from Hollywood's Warner Bros. approached Miles and asked if she would be interested to play the lead role of comic book icon Wonder Woman in an upcoming film of the character. These scouts were sent to the Philippines by no less than producer Joel Silver, who made The Matrix film franchise.

Yeah, right.

Sounds like the work of a publicist. Gonna have to take the Wikipedia with a grain of salt on this one.