Thursday, December 14, 2006

Toyota Innova in the news

News item one: Congressman Jaworski's car explodes in the middle of C5.

News item two: Court of Appeals employees blame cancellation of their Christmas bonuses on car purchases..

What do both stories have in common? The Toyota Innova.

Yessir, the Toyota Innova was the car that exploded along C5. Investigating police (*chuckle*) declared it was "faulty electrical wiring." In Philippine parlance, that's another way of saying "I haven't got a clue."

So it might have been a bomb. But if whoever planted it really had a thing against Jaworski, don't you think they might have done a better job?

Or is it just drama to draw attention away from his newly found balimbing status?

It's the same car purchased by the Court of Appeals, possible "faulty electrical wiring" notwithstanding. Ergo, no Christmas bonus.

Price tag per vehicle: P1.144M.