Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sahran and Howard Eliminated

Eliminated this week: Sahran and Howard. Which makes me sad, too, because this couple has grown on me over the last few weeks. I was sorry to see them go.

Howard and Sahran are very suspiciously gay, as many other Amazing Race bloggers have already pointed out. But what ultimately won me over was the genuinely tender friendship between these two. They're not cartoon homosexuals, they're Real People.

Every show that I've caught has one or the other falling apart at some critical moment, either before a particularly dangerous challenge or after. But they always bounce back with words of support for each other.

At those moments, Howard and Sahran have always elicited laughter from me, but I like to think it's a sympathetic "pull-it-together-you-can-do-it" laugh.

And somehow they've always come through. What a feat to have lasted this long in the show! Well, except for this last episode.

So that still leaves brothers Mardy and Marsio in the running, and one team less now towards their longshot victory. They're a longshot to win the race, but I'm rooting for them to win the race. A most unlikely pair, they're representative of geeks like me: chubby, bespectacled, and often befuddled. What a surprise that they should come in first in this week's episode of "Amazing Race Asia" by way of a Fast Forward.

But...part of me was hoping that Howard and Sahran could have made it to the final push.

Carry on, guys, you've got a fan in me.