Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the New Blogger

Excuse the look, I'm playing around with, uh, the new Blogger.

I was going to say Blogger Beta, but of course, that's not correct. Blogger Beta is the new Blogger.

I've held off any switch as I wanted some stability on the system. Now, that change is inevitable. Though I can still opt to use the old HTML codes, the new features are starting to win me over. Unfortunately, that means I have to go and redo my templates. Not a problem, though, as the Christmas holidays are a great time for tinkering around.

Stuff that I like:

* Labels: finally, a sensible way of organizing posts within Blogger instead of the hacks I used to use. And now, I can show just specific posts from a certain category, too.

* Widgets: now I can just edit the sections I need to. I can even move them around if needed.

* Hierarchical archives: a more flexible way for organizing archives than the previous system.

Stuff that I don't like:

* New tags: argh! but it's only because they're new. I could learn to like it.

We'll see what happens over the next two days.