Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ninth day

This morning I completed the ninth day of this year's Misa de Gallo. I feel very happy.

In the world's scheme of things, it might not be very significant; nevertheless, I think I've achieved another minor victory. A victory over self, perhaps; but certainly a victory over sleepiness and lethargy.

More than that, I've accomplished something, not just by myself or for myself, but as part of a larger community.

And this culminating novena Mass was a bit special, too.

Owing to the position of calendar, today is also the last Sunday of Advent, and so we had a little ceremony to light the last candle of the advent wreath.

They turned off the lights in the church. Selected parishioners bearing candles formed an honor guard on the main aisle, lighting a path for the entrance procession. The subdued glow of candlelight staving off the early morning's darkness lent a bit of mystique to the ceremony. Quite a sight to see, actually.

Then, to the strains of "O Come Emmanuel", someone lit the fourth candle on the wreath.

Traditionally, you're supposed to make a wish, but I didn't explicitly make any. This novena was primarily for thanksgiving: I was afraid my back would be crooked forever after my little incident; and it turns out it didn't.

Nevertheless, a small miracle did happen. Chalk it up, if you will, to coincidence but after several years, my Mom's knee pains disappeared two days ago.


  1. I attended the Tridentine mass in The Most Holy Redeemer Parish in Masambong, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City.

  2. Hi, Dominique! Merry Christmas! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! I don't know if you remember my sister. She's from IBM. Crissy Regalado? I also know you from Richi Plana. Anyway, I hope your Christmas eve was a blast.