Saturday, December 16, 2006


Amando Doronila casts a baleful eye on Renato Constantino for the near-fisticuffs during Joe de Venecia's press conference at Dusit last week. Writes Doronila:
Constantino is not a member of the press. Press conferences have their own ground rules for civilized discourse between protagonists. Constantino crashed the conference at Dusit Hotel as an uninvited guest out to create trouble. He had absolutely no business being there. He was an interloper.

And, of course, in a very clinical sense, Doronila is correct.

So why am I still applauding Constantino? Because Constantino socked it to Joe de Venecia and the congressmen in words that eloquently echoed my sentiments:
I am completely appalled by your collective gall. You are totally bereft of principles -- that’s why you are without shame.

Our congressmen behave shamelessly and hide behind their bodyguards, rules of order, majority numbers, and the title of "honorable" (as if). They insulate themselves from verbal feedback from their constituents. If nothing else, Constantino was a release valve for all that tension. One man, not backed by a mob, staring down the "honorables."

So Constantino was not a member of the press? Even better! Press people, particularly the old-school press, sometimes think that it's their exclusive privilege to analyze and criticize for us.

Now, if only Constantino and Agustin didn't hit like girls.