Saturday, December 09, 2006

Inside Dominique

What does Dominique look like on the inside? At last, the secrets are finally revealed! For the first time ever, uncensored pictures which you, loyal blog reader, are privileged to view!

Ah he he.

Really, what's the point of having a back injury if you can't show off the MRI scans afterward? I asked if I could take the pictures with me, and they kindly acceded.

It turns out the files they provided were in the DICOM format. It stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. It's not any of the regular image files, but it is a standard, after all. A viewer for Linux is available.

More MRI scans below.



  1. Cool! So is that right then, your spine is a bit crooked?

  2. It does look a bit crooked. Scoliosis, indeed.

    I'm just wondering why it didn't manifest until now, mind you.

  3. so that's what you look like in the inside. hehe.

  4. The MRI looks cool and it does show a slight crookedness of your spine.

    Did they have to inject you with a chemical before the "photo shoot? "

  5. domz, the picture is so cool ... it looks like a drawing from grade school students... hehe...

  6. Hehe, thanks, all.

    I was hoping for comments like: "He's got guts!" :-)

    One other catchphrase comes to mind. It's so obvious I'll let you put figure it out.

  7. Ala bang colored Dom?:)

    Get well soon. I was kind of worried you weren't posting anymore. The previous post was a relief.rk

  8. umm, you've got backbone? :))

    looking at those MRI images make me want to do a House, MD and order a lumbar puncture next, he he...

    i haven't had my scoliosis checked in years. i used to have just x-rays though. how come you had to have an MRI?

  9. Thanks, Willy and Rina.

    Ummm, how about "Show some spine!"

  10. Caution guys, with calling Dominique's spine as "crooked" or "scoliotic"-a commonly misused diagnosis that is often an "aesthetic" problem rather than a functional, life threatening one. And scoliosis rarely causes back pains unless it is so bent (>75%) you tire up your back muscles.
    So keep on writing dominique, with good sitting posture and back rest. Scoliosis is no excuse to stop creative writers from doing what they passionately love.