Friday, December 22, 2006

House Marathon

For the past week, I've been binging on the first season of "House, M.D."

I blame Mom, really. I've caught a few episodes of "House" on AXN, but owing to erratic schedules I haven't really been following the show.

Last week, I was at the doctor's clinic for a checkup. While the doctor was examining me, Mom was at the reception area. Guess what they were showing?

Mom was suitably impressed with the episode she saw. The fact that one of the doctors, waiting for his patients, was also watching the show in rapt attention, reinforced her opinion. At the end of my examination, she asked me what program it was.

Of course, that's my cue to pick up the copies of seasons 1 and 2 from the, er, local friendly neighborhood video supplier. You know what I mean.

Having all two seasons at my disposal is far too much temptation. Add to that a very light schedule, and, well, it's recipe for a House marathon. For me, anyway. Mom catches the odd episode every now and then.

My favorite episode thus far: "Three Stories."

And my most important lesson from the show: I'm glad I'm not a doctor.