Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas shopping crowd in Tutuban

No one can shop quite like the Filipinos can. This is the Christmas shopping crowd in Tutuban, a popular bargain-hunting destination. It was taken in late November. Heaven knows what the crowds must be like in mid-December!


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  1. You should see the crowds at our malls and shopping centers in the U.S. I keep making the mistake of waiting until the last minute and going out on the 23rd of December (which I did again this year). Parking lots are overrun, pedestrians are being honked at by impatient drivers, and everyone seems to have this underlying stress about the season.

    It makes me realize how little any of it has to do with the birth of Jesus. Commercialization, sadly, has become the "god" of Christmas here in the U.S. Looks like the same might be true over in the Phils as well.

    The days after our Thanksgiving holiday (which is late November) are generally some of our busiest shopping days as well.