Friday, December 08, 2006

Back To The Land Of The Living


To those of you who were wondering: yes, I am still alive. Thank you for caring. I am sorry if I didn't get any word out.

The last five days have been spent in a hospital room, bare walls, disinfectant, and all.

Nothing life threatening, thank goodness. On the first day, it felt like it almost was.

The most depressing thought back then: that I might not get to ride a bicycle ever again.

Last Monday I suffered an annular tear. At first I thought it was simply a pulled muscle. Then the pain got worse and worse. I spent most of the morning on my back.

It got so bad that I could hardly get out of bed. I had to roll on the side and roll down on my stomach. Ordinary painkillers wouldn't work.

Finally, at 11:00PM, my Mom and my sister decided to call for an ambulance. Within five minutes of the call, our neighborhood was lit up in flashing blue lights. Three people carried me out on a stretcher.

Really, there's much to be said for Davao's "911" service. It's fast and professional. And it's free, too.

After a dose of muscle relaxant, the pain started to subside. Progressively I could move again, with less pain.

I had a lumbar X-ray and my very first MRI scan. Prognosis was good. The doctors initially thought it was a slipped disc. Worst case scenario: surgery. Luckily, the scans showed I could get by with physical therapy.

Another finding: I'm scoliotic. No one really noticed till now.

Nothing to do but lie down, watch TV, and read comics. Everything else hurt.

So here I am, four days later, very much mellowed out by the experience.

Best news: I can still ride a bike when I get better. Hallelujah!