Thursday, November 23, 2006

Which "Heroes" superpower would you want?

"Heroes" is undoubtedly the most popular show among my friends these days. Is it just some common geekery that's in tune with our personalities, or is the show really just that good?

Just past its 9th episode (yes, I've seen it, thank you very much), the threads of the story are coming together. Not completely, not yet, just enough to leave me wanting for more.

In any case, the powers of the lead heroes are already out in the fore. Poll time, then: which "Heroes" superpower would you want? Vote here!

Quick summary of characters and their powers:

  • Claire Bennet, the cheerleader: spontaneous regeneration
  • Isaac Mendez, the artist: precognition
  • Niki / Jessica Sanders, the webcam stripper: super strength (as Jessica)
  • D.L. Hawkins, Niki's estranged husband: intangibility
  • Micah Sanders, son of D.L. and Niki: technomancy
  • Hiro Nakamura, who needs no introduction: ability to bend time and space
  • Matt Parkman, police officer: mindreader
  • Nathan Petrelli, congressional candidate: flight
  • Peter Petrelli, Nathan's younger brother: mimicry
  • Charlie, the waitress: eidetic memory

    I'd put in Sylar, too, but he's just way too creepy.

    Vote now!


    1. Micah + Forge = Forge'kin
      DL Hawkins + Kitty Pryde = Black Pryde
      Parkman = Thought Police


    2. Ah ha ha, this one had me laughing out loud.

    3. "Micah Sanders, son of D.L. and Niki: technomancy"

      what scene did he use it? was it on the broken phone when he contated his mom?