Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tallest FHM model

I'm supposed to be busy at work preparing my customized SLAX CD for the FOSS@Work conference. However, I just a had a very bloggable moment.

While searching for icons and graphics for the CD on Google images, I stumbled across It's the website of Caroline Welz, a German model. Now, my German isn't so good, but I can loosely translate 'Grosse Frau' to 'Big Woman.'

Look at the picture: you can tell she's not kidding.

Caroline is 20 years old and stands at 6ft. and 9 inches tall. (That's 2.06m for those of us who use the metric system.) According to her web site, she's been featured in the June 2006 issue of FHM UK (though they got her name wrong.)

And, she's quite pretty, too.

Just in case you were wondering, my search terms were: "one world germany." What I was looking for was this.


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  1. I guess the lady would prefer the translation "tall woman" as it does not refers to the size of her hips ;)