Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Study shows more women prefer Ubuntu

Informal study shows: more women prefer Ubuntu.

Alright, so the evidence is purely anecdotal for now, and the study was by authoritative ol' me, but I really am meeting more women using Ubuntu. Quite a ways from the old days when female Linux users were few and far between.

These days, I'm seeing women with Ubuntu stickers emblazoned across their laptop covers. Or acquaintances who see my Ubuntu shirt and say, "Oh! You use Ubuntu! I use Ubuntu, too." (Whoever thought my fashion sense would turn me into a chick magnet?)

Perhaps it's got something to do with Ubuntu's slick design? That might be part of the reason, but only a small part. The reasons they put out are more substantial: of the women I've asked, many have said that they find Ubuntu faster and that it takes away the headache of viruses.

Yay, Ubuntu!