Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sci-Fi Philippines Website

I'm mostly done with the Sci-Fi Philippines website. More than just a mere frivolity, it was also an exercise in flexing my PmWiki coding muscles. Plus the fact that I had already referred to it in my upcoming article in PC Magazine Philippines.

The site still isn't fully populated with articles. I'm hoping to add one per day until I get a decent number. Submitted stories would be most welcome, too.

Coding-wise, I think I still got it. That besides, PmWiki is a really great tool, one that's designed the way a hacker thinks. It's quite flexible despite its simplicity, has a number of cookbook solutions, and has great community support.

The site makes use of a number of PmWiki features. PageLists, I've found, are extremely useful. They work great when you're trying to emulate blog behavior. Page include directives came in handy, too. I've also made use of RSS reader module to reproduce traffic from our mailing list. The clincher was a voting system that I inserted in under an hour.

Do drop by and give it a spin.

Next up: the small Philippine communities blog aggregator.


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