Monday, November 13, 2006

Rice, Rice, Baby

A comment by Corey on the last entry got me thinking. What was the longest time I went without rice?

I remember clearly. I was on an eight-week residency in North Carolina. I was confident I could weather the whole two months on bread and ham and cheese and the occasional jam. Boy, was I wrong. Two weeks later, I was craving for rice. Badly.

Luckily, the local Kroger and Food Lion stores carried rice in 1-kilo bags. Not that they came cheap. Darn it, I didn't care. I needed my rice fix. Yes, I am Filipino.

Not having cooked rice for a long, long while, I of course burned my first attempt. But I got better at it.

When the next residency came around, I made sure I brought rice in my luggage. Three kilos worth. The security lady at the Dumaguete airport raised an eyebrow. Why was I bringing rice from Dumaguete to Manila? Long story, I chuckled.

Rice, rice, baby.