Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rice Cooker, Out-of-the-Box

A rice cooker is staple appliance for any modern Filipino family. Ours doesn't get as much use, though, as I'm alone most of the time. On occasion, when I get tired of Jollibee meals, I muster it back into service.

It was my Dad who first showed me how to use it to boil corn. A tad unconventional, but then again, why not? It's just a big pot with an electric coil, right? So you should be able to use it like any old pot.

Pretty quick, too. Yummy, golden boiled Valencia corn from the ACSAT farm in under 15 minutes.

Today, I used it to cook spaghetti noodles. Quite handy it was, and very neat, too. I don't think I've had as little trouble making spaghetti as today. A 100g pack cooked in under 10 minutes. Getting the water to boil took a bit longer.

You know what they say: a watched pot never boils.

Next time I'll boil water in the water heater first.

Any other unconventional rice cooker suggestions out there?