Thursday, November 30, 2006

Poll: Funniest Sci-Fi Films

A new poll over at the Sci-Fi Philippines web site: funniest sci-fi film. I've pared down the choices to four. I'm hoping that limiting options might encourage more participation.

Sorry if your favorite funny SF film isn't listed, but feel free to add it in the comments.

Box Office Mojo has a comprehensive list of comedy SF. The top 10, according to the box office chart:

Men in Black
Men in Black II
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
The Nutty Professor
The Nutty Professor II
Galaxy Quest
The Stepford Wives
Honey, I Blew Up The Kid



  1. Star Trek V was ridiculously hilarious, I dunno if it was intentional though.

  2. Hey! Where's Spaceballs?

  3. Roy: shhh, the Star Trek fans will get upset. ;-)

    Benz: the list above counts by box office take. Hence, Spaceballs and other funny SF films (Mystery Men, Man With Two Brains, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, etc.) don't appear.

    But you can vote in the poll, though. Spaceballs is trailing Airplane II.

  4. The list uses a loose definition of sci-fi. It would seem like "Young Frankenstein" should be on there somewhere. Of the movies on your list I guess "Twins" is funniest.

  5. Thanks, RTS. Almost forgot about "Young Frankenstein."

    "Walk this way...."

  6. Hi Domi,
    Have you seen Earth vs. Spider ? it's so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh. ;-).

  7. How about the movie version of Douglas Adams' "Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy"? Surely, it deserves to be there... somewhere.