Thursday, November 09, 2006

PCPS Lite version on customized SLAX

A friend of mine doing tech support for the PCs for Public Schools program complained that their PC file systems were often corrupted. Reason: unstable power supply. This is the sad result of a rushed and politicized programs. Wanting to serve their 'constituents' some congressmen (one, in particular) demanded that the PCs be installed in schools without electricity. Solution: hurriedly lay out a long electric cable.

But that's a story for another time.

In any case, I put together a PCPS lite version using SLAX. I've tried to make it as close to the original version as possible. Of course, some things just weren't possible, so I've had to make some changes.

One requirement was for a local copy of Britannica 2004 Concise Edition on local disk. Unfortunately, Britannica has got to have the most brain-dead installation process for Linux. It's just so...stupid. Frankly, I don't know how the original PCPS team managed to get it to work.

So instead I loaded the stripped down Wikipedia edited by SOS Childrens' Village. At under 200MB, it fit in nicely with the rest of SLAX, plus additional applications.

I also loaded in selections from Gutenberg Philippines, GK Chesterton (my favorite author and for whom I have works handy), and Andrew Loomis' "Fun with a Pencil." I had wanted to load in tutorials, but there wasn't any more room.

Other stuff: Inkscape, The GIMP,, View Your Mind, and KDE Edutainment Package.

And, of course, a campaign visit this blog. Mwa ha ha ha!

Take that, congressman!


  1. hi dom..can you help me by giving step by step instruct how to link my blogspot to the philippines best blog websiye..thanks a lot :)...

  2. Talk about promotion! Good stuff Dom's. So all this I assumed you had to fit into a CD?

  3. Hi, Chaz: he, he, yep. Just a single 700MB CD. And when you start up KDE, you get a quick view of my face. Mwa ha ha ha.

    Was thinking of doing a special one for Science High.

  4. Hi, Anonymous: sure,, who are you?

  5. Hi, how can I contact your friend in the PCPS? Is it a public school near Dumaguete? Maybe he/she would like this idea: set up the computers as disk-less network and boot from a server. I could contact an organization in Silliman that could donate a UPS for the server. It saves money too: 400+ pesos per computer (ethernet card and cable) instead of 2000+ per computer for a cdrom drive.