Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Multimedia Cards and Secure Digital Cards

I was about to purchase a multi-card reader from CD-R King, one of those cheap numbers going for P300. The prices sure have dropped a lot since I bought my last one just a year and a half ago. I figure a 75% slash in price overall. Cheapskate that I am, I had some regrets.

Then my eye caught an even lower figure: P90 just for a MMC/SD card reader. Pricewise there was no comparison, but could I live without being able to read the other card formats?

The answer, it turns out, is "yes." An inventory of the electronic gadgets I'm currently using shows that they all use either Multimedia Cards (in their various incarnations) and Secure Digital Cards.

So far I have:

* a regular 16MB MMC card for my PowerShot A540
* a 1GB MMC mobile memory card (half-size) for the same camera
* a 64MB MicroSD card (with adapter) for my Nokia 6233
* a 128MB SD card for my Palm Zire 31

So it was the P90 card reader for me.

Where did all the other cards go? The memory sticks and the SmartMedia cards? Who knows? Who cares.

Ah, well, good riddance.

You just gotta love standardization.



  1. Lesee... Sony is still touting the wonders of Memory Sticks of various flavors... XD appears to have disappeared... CF is slowly being pushed off the scene by SD... DV (strictly not a memory card) is falling on the way side, with compact DVD-R and hard drives slowly gaining prominence...

  2. Well, good riddance to all of 'em. Memory sticks, f'r instance, is all just expensive hokey.