Monday, November 20, 2006

I've lost my mojo!

Well, no not really. Or I should say, I hope not. It feels that way, though, as I haven't written anything since last Wednesday.

It's just been difficult posting as I've had only short periods of Internet since Wednesday. More's the pity as a lot has happened since then. Some backblogging tomorrow should fill in the gaps.

My other excuse: I've also had my hands full with the Science Fiction Philippines wiki. Still not perfect, but it's finally taking shape. I have to hurry the site as I used it as an example in an upcoming article for PC Magazine Philippines.

As a result, my Nanowrimo novel has not moved past the 2,000 words I've put in. Really, I don't think I'll make it. I do plan to give it a push this coming weekend, though. I might not hit the 50,000-word mark, but I at least want a short yarn to come out of it.

Other things that have happened since:

  • My SLAX presentation was well-received. The audience was quite attentive. Having two projectors and two computers helped a lot. At the end, several people requested copies of the CDs.
  • Ubuntu-PH launch party for Edgy Eft, and several new friends.
  • A discovery: more women prefer Ubuntu!

  • Bum stomach. No, you didn't need to know that.

  • Meeting with DTI Undersecretary Carissa Cruz
  • Presented my customized SLAX CD to DTI Director Dita Maralit
  • Shopping in Divisoria
  • Casino Royale, the best James Bond movie I've seen in a while. Free running is the bomb!
  • Cheesecake and chocolate with three stunning women from Ateneo de Manila. Oooh.

  • Business errands
  • Sci-Fi Philippines Marathon (Black Hole, Tron, The Last Starfighter, and Heroes)
  • Late night / early morning coffee with the Sci-Fi geeks

  • Fly back to Dumaguete
  • Sleep

    Like, whew.