Monday, November 20, 2006

I've lost my mojo!

Well, no not really. Or I should say, I hope not. It feels that way, though, as I haven't written anything since last Wednesday.

It's just been difficult posting as I've had only short periods of Internet since Wednesday. More's the pity as a lot has happened since then. Some backblogging tomorrow should fill in the gaps.

My other excuse: I've also had my hands full with the Science Fiction Philippines wiki. Still not perfect, but it's finally taking shape. I have to hurry the site as I used it as an example in an upcoming article for PC Magazine Philippines.

As a result, my Nanowrimo novel has not moved past the 2,000 words I've put in. Really, I don't think I'll make it. I do plan to give it a push this coming weekend, though. I might not hit the 50,000-word mark, but I at least want a short yarn to come out of it.

Other things that have happened since:

  • My SLAX presentation was well-received. The audience was quite attentive. Having two projectors and two computers helped a lot. At the end, several people requested copies of the CDs.
  • Ubuntu-PH launch party for Edgy Eft, and several new friends.
  • A discovery: more women prefer Ubuntu!

  • Bum stomach. No, you didn't need to know that.

  • Meeting with DTI Undersecretary Carissa Cruz
  • Presented my customized SLAX CD to DTI Director Dita Maralit
  • Shopping in Divisoria
  • Casino Royale, the best James Bond movie I've seen in a while. Free running is the bomb!
  • Cheesecake and chocolate with three stunning women from Ateneo de Manila. Oooh.

  • Business errands
  • Sci-Fi Philippines Marathon (Black Hole, Tron, The Last Starfighter, and Heroes)
  • Late night / early morning coffee with the Sci-Fi geeks

  • Fly back to Dumaguete
  • Sleep

    Like, whew.

    1. I was wondering if those Technorati tags make a significant impact on your visits. I know it provides another possible doorway to your blog, but I wasn't sure how well-traveled those paths actually are.

      By the way, I just installed Google Analytics on my blog and have recorded visits from the Philippines (thankfully, since my optimized keywords revolve around "Dumaguete), Germany, Australia, Mexico and someone from Dallas, Texas. I showed up as well, but later blocked my IP from being tracked, so as not to skew the data. Anyway, it's just interesting to see who is visiting. :)

    2. Hi, Corey: for some reason, I don't think the tags are working for me. I'll leave keep doing them for another week or so while I try to see what's wrong.

      I've gotten good traffic via Digg and referrals from popular sites. Groklaw did wonders last week. Some self-promotion and, er, linkbait titles also helped.

      As for tracking, I use Sitemeter. Very rudimentary, but works for me.

    3. I was quite impressed with Google Analytics. It has dozens of parameters to monitor site performance, along with bar graphs and pie graphs...and it's free!

      I'm not sure about your site, but in these first few days of tracking I am seeing most of the traffic come via Google (no big surprise), with a large percentage coming from "direct". I assume this means those who have bookmarked the site or are typing the URL directly into the address bar. Yahoo! is doing very little for me at this point.

      I'm not selling anything, but I will soon be undertaking an large SEO project at that will provide me some firsthand experience. I'm using my blog as much as possible to gain some practical knowledge about the whole SEO/SEM field.