Friday, October 20, 2006

Six weeks down

So this is it, the last day of classes for my six-week Software Design and Development course, courtesy of PhilNITS. It's been a long program, more significant for its time investment than anything else. And it's been worth every minute of it.

The class was ostensibly meant to prepare the participants to take the JITSE Software Engineering certification exam. Throughout the six weeks, it's been a rigorous re-introduction into the foundational concepts of computer science: number systems, algorithms, queueing theory, network design, hardware, databases, project management, and risk management. In two words: geek heaven.

For someone who was never really into software development (now I hope that's not a surprise to some people), the real treat was the long section on object-oriented software development. Our instructor, CW Yee, was a real pro with extensive experience. All those concepts on software engineering that I had been futilely banging my head on suddenly seem so clear.

Not that it was an easy time getting there. For the first two weeks of the software engineering portion, all I could do was stare blankly at the charts. That's what happens with slow learners like me. But for some reason, by the third week, things started to click. I was finally getting it!

Now I have additional tools in my arsenal: mindmaps, ArgoUML, Umbrello, Mogwai ER Designer, PHPEclipse, Simpletest, and -- gasp! -- SharpDevelop. Yes, despite my best efforts at resistance, I can now do a bit of .NET.

So here's to old dogs learning new tricks.


  1. Geek heaven indeed.Lots of techie eye candy stuff. Yum yum. What happened to the sci fi blog?

  2. Hi, Howling. Oh, yes, it was tons of fun. And I'm planning on introducing other geeks to the pleasures.

    I'll get around to the SciFi blog sometime this week. It's part of a larger project for SciFi Philippines. I'll be sure to let you know.