Friday, October 20, 2006

Mrs. Arroyo and the Nursing Scandal

Was it with a sigh of relief that we heard from Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo when the Court of Appeals last Monday permitted the nursing candidates to take their oath? Almost three months after the cheating scandal broke out, Malacanang had taken no definite steps towards its resolution. Mrs. Arroyo, in fact, vacillated on the retake position several times. The CA took the matter out of Malacanang's hands, giving the Palace some breathing space.

But no sooner had the ink dried on the CA decision than several parties filed for a temporary restraining order. The CA, it must be remembered, is an institution famous for being reversed. Another week passes and Mrs. Arroyo continues to drag her feet. The nursing scandal is to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo what Hurricane Katrina was to George W. Bush.

It's not that Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts are not capable of acting with vigor and dispatch. Playing out simultaneously with the ongoing scandal this week is the drama with Mayor Binay of Makati. Now, there's an example of haste. But that's another story.

If Arroyo can't act decisively on the nursing scandal, it's because she's a most political animal. Ordering a retake will be a decidedly unpopular move, no matter what its proponents say. Then there's also the millions of taxable dollars in potential earnings that these future nurses will send home. Mrs. Arroyo, it seems, is not a person to make hard decisions, only expedient ones.

Continued in "Saving the Nursing Profession"


  1. Arroyo's political skills are what keeping her in power. It's a pity she was not able to put to good use her great start in 2001 and her supposedly A-1 qualifications.

    It might really be true that she's the Midas-In-Reverse, everything she touches turns into goo.