Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lost in Cebu

So, can you guess where I am?

Behind me is Magellan's Cross, along the aptly-named Magallanes Street in Cebu City. How I got here involves an order of Chinese medicines that turned out not to be there. Regardless, it was too fine a day to get irked, and the culprit was my Dad, after all. I decided to wander around and found my way to the monument.

Since I had my spanking brand new Canon Powershot A540 with me, I decided to take a few photos. What better way to kick off my new photoblog?

I had a number of good subjects. There was an old streetsweeper, a fortune teller, a candlemaker, a fan vendor, and an ice cream man. They all gamely agreed to have their photos taken. As if they needed any encouragement. The Filipino is madly in love with the camera, you see, so the smiles came quite easily. I was quite pleased with my work.

Come to think of it, I have never really seen Magellan's Cross up close. To think that I studied here for College and worked here for three years! All in all, t'was a good opportunity to see something new.

A fine day it was.