Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blog redesign

Sheer frivolity to spend so much time tweaking my custom blogger template. Once I got to work, it was just hard to stop. I had to get it just...right. The current template is as close to the final version as it's going to get. Perhaps a few more tweaks as I go along the way.

The whole exercise wasn't so much to come out with a new template as it was to sharpen my design sense and CSS coding skills. By and large, I think I've achieved the latter. I'm still no Douglas Bowman, mind you, but I can navigate the language much better now.

Thanks to everyone who gave comments on the look.

Blogger code is still a pain to work with. Over the past few days, though, I've managed to work out a system to modify the guts of Bowman's Minima code. That leaves me free to work with the other elements of the design. I'm fairly confident I can now whip out a new template in just under a day.

Not just Blogger but pmWiki, too. Aside from the photoblog, I also adapted the template for my wiki. I have yet to populate the wiki, but the undelying structure is all ready now.

Of course, I'm not saying anything significantly new from since two posts ago when I produced the draft of the new look. That's because my head is still spinning from working through all the code...manually. Pardon my lack of coherence.

In the coming days, I hope to document the things that I did. I hope that will help out other bloggers planning to come out with their own customized templates. At the very least, it should help ME out the next time I mess up big time. I should hope not, though.


  1. I think that it's been long established that Blogger isn't the most easily-customizable among all tools. Judging from your results, though, you seem to be doing just fine on your own.

    I have a question, though: Why not just use a template without tweaking the design? Most people usually come here just for the writing and the photos...

  2. Hi, Sean: Because I can? :-)

    Levity aside, there's an OC part of me that has several issues with existing blog designs. A lot of it stems from the nature of blogs and the limitations of web browsers as design vehicles. I'll write about that tomorrow.

    I'm also hoping that a nonstandard design will help convert people who just happen to stumble across the blog. No such luck with that happening yet, judging by the stats. But I can always get lucky.

  3. Dom,

    i love the color. it's so... cool. (as in the temperature. the mood.)
    because you can? haha. ako din sana ganyan. it's so boring to just be a part of the throng. hay.



  4. Thanks, Oli. I found it by accident when checking out browser-safe colors.

  5. I don't know CSS but I too was able to put in some changes in my template. It's just too much pain though that I stopped doing any changes a long time ago. I'd probably just revert to a "standard" freebie template from blogger if I lose my customized one.

    Your new look blog template is cool...to the eyes!

  6. In my case, it's the "I can also do that" attitude.:)

    I relish the joy of scaling another summit, even if you stumble many times in the ascent.

    Take it from an old dog always willing to learn new tricks, and would most probably die trying.:)

  7. Hi, Willy: yep, learning new stuff is a good way of keeping the old saw sharp.

    Hi, Jon: heh, heh, thanks.

    Drop me a note if you need help with your CSS stuff!

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