Monday, October 16, 2006

Big Mac Index

Mucking around the Economist web site this morning, I came across the sidebar pointing to the Big Mac Index. Apparently, it's been 20 years since the Economist came out with the tongue-in-cheek measurement tool.

I'd like to think that I came upon the Big Mac Index independently, back when I was criss-crossing Asia for Digital Equipment and IBM. Ever the pennypincher, I would automatically do currency conversions in my head when faced with a possible purchase. Why, I wondered, does a burger cost so much more in Seoul than in Cebu?

The answer, it turns out, was a factor of economics and cost of living. Luckily, the Philippines still has one of the lower average prices of a Big Mac than other countries. Or should I say, unluckily. For most of my twenties, I subsisted on burgers and that diet has taken its toll on my health. Ah, but that's a Supersize Me story.

For reference, here's the latest Big Mac Index, lifted from the Economist.